Web Scraping

Web scraping is a data processing technique used to gather, manipulate, and store large information in a more comprehensive and easy-to-use format. This process is now applied in digital marketing to shorten the time to get targeted leads used for cold calling, cold emailing, and bulk SMS.

There are many websites having members' contact details public, this can be a gold mine for getting business. All you have to do is contact me and we make a deal, I will build a scraper that will scrape thousands of this info for you and save it in any format you want. This data you can use for your private purpose or resell too.

We can also automate the process based on given hours and the scraper will send the file to your email, WhatsApp number, or telegram or save it in the cloud.

Below are few of the web scrapers I built.

Nairaland Homepage Scraper

This scraper gets the Title and URL of the topics on the Nairaland homepage.

Connect Nigeria Scraper

Connect Nigeria is a business listing website, perfect for B2B marketing.

Nairaland Number Scraper

Watch me scrape the biggest online forum in Nigeria, I will scrape mobile numbers from each thread page, this is a way to get targeted audience using bulk sms or whatsapp marketing.