Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing! The most popular and used digital marketing technique. I have been online since 2008, and that was when I started my journey in the digital world. Spamming forums, web2 sites, and social media sites were the order of the day. It was so easy to get tons of visitors to any link unfortunately, right now it is not.

Marketing on social media has 2 ways, paid advertisement and free organic method. Most social media websites have implemented advanced fingerprint detection algorithms. It has become so hard to create multiple accounts when banned. Navigating the challenges of social media marketing in this modern time can be so hectic for an inexperienced person. This is where I come in.

I have mastered the art of bypassing any suspension and banning algorithms of any social media website. Your company's social media pages can be managed and grown to thousands of followers and subscribers by me. I specialize in these social media platforms below:

Facebook Ads: I can promote your page and links using Facebook Ad Manager at the lowest cost. My campaigns are targeted and monitored constantly for the best result.

Instagram Ads: I can promote your products and services using a paid campaign.

Telegram: I can send mass direct messages promoting your channel, link, or group, and also scrape group members and add them to a new group or channel as subscribers.

YouTube Ads: I can promote your YouTube videos to gain more visibility and visit the website.

Quora Ads: I can run targeted campaign ads promoting your post or website URL.

Social Media Panel: These are platforms where you can buy fake views, likes, followers, and so on. These are mainly bots and not good for a serious business but if you want to package your status online you can go for it.

I have promoted many SME and big brands on Facebook such as FCMB, Property Advisory Network etc and has spent more than 7million in ads. All these experience is what I bring to the table.

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