Email Marketing

Email marketing just like SMS is a long-forgotten digital marketing that is still silently working. While writing this content, I am still making money with email marketing. Email marketing is the cheapest digital marketing method to get clients. Just like any other in the world, you must do it correctly before you can see results.

There are so many terminologies in email marketing that you have to know namely

Autoresponders (eg. Aweber, Mailchimp): These are email marketing tools that automate email series or sequences of emails to subscribers. With this tool, you will need a landing page also known as a squeeze/opt-in page

Email Copy: Crafting successful emails comes with some knowledge of persuasive and compelling writing. You will have to learn how to write emails that make the receiver want to book a meeting with you.

Cold Emailing: This type of email marketing has enabled lots of startups to acquire high-paying clients. In this method, targeted leads are scraped or bought from high-quality sources. Emails are sent to these leads with a follow-up sequence, and leads that reply to the emails are booked for a meeting to close the deal.

Bulk Emailing: Also known as spamming is a method where unsolicited emails are sent to a bulk email database with the hope of getting conversions. This kind of email marketing gets resources banned quickly because it can be an offense in many countries. To achieve this, multiple SMTP servers with rotating IPS and domains are needed. Many people still use this form of email marketing which confirms that they are making positive returns on their investment.

Below are screenshots from bulk email server built for client.


Bulk Emailing

Bulk Emailing Clicks