Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria

VictorKingsley is an expert digital marketer with more than 15 years of experience in the digital world. The sole objective of my company is to help small and medium businesses grow by applying my expertise in digital marketing. Sending targeted visitors, potential clients, and digital exposure to their web properties. The company was registered in 2020 and I have successfully helped more than 50 small businesses achieve their technical and digital goals. I follow the recent digital trends to make sure that clients' projects achieve long-lasting results with a friendly budget. Below are some of my core strengths in digital marketing and software engineering.

Lead Generation

Getting targetted leads is the fastest way to grow a business or company. We will get you targeted mobile numbers or emails of people interested in what you have to offer.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping fetches you that data you want from any website within minutes. You can easily scrap thousands of data from any source online. These data will enhance the marketing and conversion growth.

Web Automation

With Web Automation, will create a bot for you that repeat tasks or multithreded. This bot will work for you 24/7 when hosted on a virtual machine. This is the smartest way to work online.


Search engine optimization makes your website seen and found in the search engine. You get organic visitors to your site when done correctly and you save tons of money on promotion.

Google Ads

Google ads is the best advertisement platform online, you can easily get millions of exposure and targetted audience using this platform. Also you can place your advert on pupular websites of your choice.

SEO Web Design

Many websites online are not search engine friendly, by that I mean the sites not loading fast, keywords not targetted, not responsive and so on. I build websites for clients with goal conversion and optimization in mind.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS that delivers to dnd (do not disturb) numbers. Most platforms online don't deliver to all numbers due to dnd rule. I have built a system for those that have solicited mobile number database, I can deliver sms to millions daily.

Mobile Proxy

Mobile proxy offers the highest anonymity online, you can bypass account blocking, captchas and so on. It hardly gets banned because cellular IPs are used by millions in any regoin so you can easily hide under the radar.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and so on. Grow your page likes, get more views on your reels, promote any website using facebook ad manager. Grow your businesss brand with social media marketing.

SMTP Email Server

PowerMTA + Mumara and a centos vps gets you an email server that can be warmed up or used to blast thousands of emails in a day or used to clean your email database. I build email servers with the latest international standard compliances.

Video Creative

Sometimes interesting videos captures the audience and keep them engaged more than an article. I will create an affordable explainer video for your services that you can share on social media.


Online Reputation Management is a crucial online digital activity that every brand or company must employ for prosperous business longevity. We can build customized monitoring bots and automated actions that keep the brands we manage in positive reviews all over the internet.

Marketing Scripts I Made

Google Map Scraper

Watch me scrape out mobile numbers from the almighty google maps. These are laser targeted leads that you can contact through sms, call or whatsapp.

LinkedIn Leads Scraper

Lead generation is the art of getting super laser targetted audience and one of the way to do is by scraping Linkedin based on the profession of the users. Here is a Linkedin scraper I built, watch and see how it works

Nairaland Number Scraper

Watch me scrape the biggest online forum in Nigeria, I will scrape mobile numbers from each thread page, this is a way to get targeted audience using bulk sms or whatsapp marketing.

Maximum Exposure And Quick Result

Digital marketing has become so sophisticated in recent times with lots of solutions in the market to make things easier too. Now we have sophisticated cloaking software, Trackers, Anti detects, mobile proxies, stealth accounts, and so on.

Building high social media profiles has become a gold mine both now and in the future. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Onlyfans, Snapchat, Telegram, and WhatsApp have become a tool to get unlimited exposure and clients when mastered and used well. Managing and learning all these social media platforms can be daunting and that is where I come in to help.

Digital marketing is an art that I have perfected in various ways. Is it SEO, Google Ads, Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter? I can provide you with the best digital marketing experience on those platforms. I have successfully worked with more than 50 companies ensuring that their objectives were met within the budget with much more dividend.

Web scraping service

I have done lots of work that I can't remember each of them. I will be listing a few that I have the right to post publicly on each service page. Visit each of the service sections to see how the technique can benefit your business/services. Under lead generation, you will find a few projects I did and how they can help you get high-quality clients.

If you are seeking high-class leads with disposable income or you want all demographies to visit your website. I will help you achieve an unending stream of visitors to your website. Online visibility is the livelihood of any business in this current world.