Web Automation

Web automation is the current latest trend in digital marketing, this is the process of building web bots to carry out repetitive activities based on your commands programmed into it. I was so captivated by the power of web automation I enrolled and learned Python programming language. Imagine having a bot that works for you 24/7 while you are busy doing something else.

The popularity of web automation will grow in the coming years, almost everything right now on earth is undergoing an automating process. So now is still an early time to get a bot that makes money or makes daily life easy.

The most popular usage of web automation is in social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram so on where you can create and manage multiple accounts that do repetitive actions daily. There are account creator bots, spamming bots, Telegram bots, Trading bots, Aggregator bots, and so on. These bots are hosted in the cloud and will work 24/7 with minimal checkups per day.

Below are some web automation scripts I created.

Linkedin Scraper

With LinkedIn scraper you are guaranteed to get high quality leads and prospects.

Google News Scraper

This scripts gets the top 10 news in Google News and saves the news inside a text file with the news title as the file name.