Lead Generation Marketing

Lead generation is a digital marketing process used to pinpoint a potential customer for a business’s product or services. Leads can be found on LinkedIn, Business listings, online forums, Telegram groups, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on.

My work is to find for your business, groups of interested audiences and scrape either their full name, job title, location, social profile link, mobile number, or email and save it in a pdf/CSV file. With lead generation marketing, businesses can immediately start closing deals while saving time, cost and human resources.

With my web scraping skills, I will generate thousands of leads for your service. Each lead cost depends on the difficulty of accessing it, contact me to discuss the nature of your business before we can proceed.

Below are few of the lead generation scrapers I built.

Connect Nigeria Scraper

Connect Nigeria is a business listing website, perfect for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn Scraper

With LinkedIn scraper you are guaranteed to get high quality leads and prospects.

Google Map Scraper

With Google my bussiness scraping, you are so sure of targetting businesses with buying ability.