Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is a kind of long-forgotten means of digital marketing that is still working underground. I have tried many bulk SMS services both in Nigeria and the international market, and I always face different challenges. Most Nigerian bulk SMS providers don’t deliver to do not-disturb numbers. Unfortunately, mobile numbers in Nigeria are set to DND by default so your messages won’t be delivered to these numbers.

After years of researching and spending money on different solutions, I decided to build my bulk SMS system using local SIM cards registered under my name. My system comes with 16 multi-SIM port devices and can send more than 1 million SMS in a day. It has spintax feature to make each SMS unique and can support 2 way SMS, MMS, and so on.

Right now I am still developing the public platform where any user can fund their account and use my system to send bulk SMS. But if you want me to help you send bulk SMS to your large contacts and be surely guaranteed that it will deliver then I can send it for you using my system. I can also provide you with active WhatsApp mobile number users and active WhatsApp business mobile number users.

Mind you that my system doesn’t come with a customized sender ID. Bulk SMS is still working and effective as of today only if done properly. When mastered, it can be the fastest and cheapest way to get recurrent clients to your business and services.

**If you need SMS API for OTP service in Nigeria then contact me lets dicuss the development**